Morning Inspiration: From Me to You


Good Morning Sunshine!  Today is going to be a fantastically awesome day.  The sun is up, the breeze is cool and the world is awaiting your inspirational smile.  Do you realize how important you are to so many people today?   Everyone you pass will be affected by your positive energy.  Even if you don’t realize it, your presence is going to inspire many people today.  You will ignite energy, inspiration, change and, even a few dreams to come true.  So as you shower, get dressed and sip your morning beverage; be proud, smile big and know that you are someone’s beacon of positivity.  Have a totally awesome day!!


Be Mindful


Often times we go through life so in tune with how things make us feel and what we want to do and achieve that we disregard the feelings of others. On a day such as today, where reflection is in a lot of minds, don’t forget to also be mindful of how the actions you take make others feel and how those actions will effect them in the long run. I like to think of emotions as a centrifugal force, not seen but when acted upon can cause a cascading effect until met head on by a countering emotion. Be kind, be mindful and mostly be respectful of how you make others feel around you. A smile brings a smile. A curse brings pain and, tears bring anger. You get the point it just keeps going until the emotions are reset or explode. Just a thought from a call asking a little advice, I hope helped.