Spring into Style: Fashion, Makeup and Fitness for 2018.

The countdown to spring is over. Welcome, welcome, welcome spring. From fashion to makeup and fitness, this season promises clean, fresh, sparkles and sheer fun.

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(Fashion Reverie NYFW: The Shows Spring 2018 Pre-Coverage)

February was fabulous for fashion weeks around the world. Trending styles promise to bring sheer, satin and shine in bright bold colors and pastels. Patterned with Checks and mixed unexpected patterns, as well as being accented with fringes ruffles and plastic; yes, I said plastic.

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(Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018)

Looks will be completed with multiple size bags and shoes in all the above-mentioned styles. I am a personal fashion week, as I am always in wonder of the various styles and talented designs. But this year I found my self-fascinated by the clean every day and wearable style of Ralph Lauren and the bold and strong Alexander Wang, as well as the passionate and elegant Nidal ( I couldn’t stop applauding after his Los Angeles show). If you missed any of the 2018 Spring/Summer fashion shows, I encourage you to head over to http://fashionweekonline.com, where you can catch up on many of the NYFW shows.


(Elle: Five Makeup Trends Your About to See Everywhere)

Makeup is also following the sparkling trend but, with a more subtle background. Bidding adieu to the bold brows, contoured fanatics and over highlighted disco effects. This season you will see more nearly naked skin. Cleaner and natural looks with softening lids, wings, and hints of glitter. Now, don’t be mistaken eyeshadow pallets will bring bold colors as well as the earth tones but, with a less overpowering effect. Lipgloss replaces the Matte madness, with coral tones and softer hues. Makeup will accentuate the natural beauty and skin care with dominate daily routines.

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(Self: The 10 biggest Fitness Trends of 2018, According to 4,000 Fitness Pros)

Fitness focuses forward. As we are approaching the end of 2018’s first quarter, don’t be frazzled if you did not meet your New Years resolution goals; summer won’t officially start until June. So break out your fashionable yoga pants, dust on a little sweat proof powder (with SPF) and keep going for your goal. Fitness is not a stranger to trends either. High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT has been trending as the number one fitness routines this year. “A HIIT training session involves bursts of maximum-effort, very hard work (typically about 20 to 90 seconds), followed by a period of low-intensity recovery.”; according to Self Magazine (https://www.self.com/story/biggest-fitness-trends-of-2018). HIIT training is followed in popularity by group training and wearable technology.


Spring/Summer 2018 we have eagerly awaited your arrival, as the winter has been more than desirable from coast to coast.


Morning Inspiration: From Me to You


Good Morning Sunshine! ¬†Today is going to be a fantastically awesome day. ¬†The sun is up, the breeze is cool and the world is awaiting your inspirational smile. ¬†Do you realize how important you are to so many people today? ¬† Everyone you pass will be affected by your positive energy. ¬†Even if you don’t realize it, your presence is going to inspire many people today. ¬†You will ignite energy, inspiration, change and, even a few dreams to come true. ¬†So as you shower, get dressed and sip your morning beverage; be proud, smile big and know that you are someone‚Äôs beacon of positivity. ¬†Have a totally awesome day!!

You Are So Beautiful! 

When is the last time you looked in the mirror and saw how truly beautiful you are? ¬† I hope everyone replies, today! ¬† Beauty takes many forms and I am not only talking about physical ¬†beauty. There is mental beauty, ¬†spiritual beauty and the beauty you share in the kind words you spread everyday. ¬†My message is short today. When you wake up and any time you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or window, ¬†remember to tell yourself how beautiful you are. We can be our own worst critics but, ¬†we can also be our own best friend. ¬†Stay fabulous and continue to have an awesome and amazingly beautiful day. ūüėė