Direct Your Destiny

Rise and shine, literally. Make the most of everyday and every opportunity. You were made for only the best in life but, you have to believe in yourself and what you are capable of. Hard work and determination will be your best companions on the road to success. So what ever it is that you are striving for today wake up knowing that you are going to make it happen. It may not happen immeditely but all success is built from failures, learned lessons and the will and determination to continue trying until you succeed. You control your destiny, so direct it accordingly. #inspiration #motivation #perspiration #preparation #determination #thursday #fabuloustofit


Believe In Yourself

Make the most of every day by believing in yourself and remembering the passion that is deep within. Never stop dreaming and achieving, you’ve got this. Happy hump day. 😆 #believe #achieve #Motivation #fabuloustofit #wednesday

You Wear It Well!

I love this quote, It is not only a very accurate statement but a point to be embraced and remembered. You are fabulous regardless of size or shape. Fashion has no boundaries. People set boundaries when they limit their choices based on a poor self-image. Embrace your body as your temple. Don’t tear it down but instead build it up. From size 0-28 or whatever; love it, own it and embrace it. Stay fabulous and have an awesome Thursday.

What’s Your Radar Telling You?


Have you listened to your radar today?  What radar?  I’m talking about the most finely tuned instrument that not only is almost 99.99% accurate when something is not quite right but, the one that will also alert you to the earliest signs of imbalance. You guessed it, your body.

Being in tune with your body is so important to great health and vitality. It is your first defense against illness and imbalances.  You know when you have that feeling that “somethings not right” or “I just don’t feel good”.  Your radar is going off, your body is trying to alert you that there is a need, a situation and an occurrence.  Don’t ignore it, be in tune with it.

All symptoms may not be physical, if fact some can feel physical but seem more psychological.  The best example of this are simple cravings. Cravings for things like meat, ice, certain fruits, vegetables and, oddly enough I have even heard of someone craving red dirt;  these have been linked to a nutritional deficiency. If you’d like to know more about this check out the link below to an awesome article “5 Weird Signs You Could Have a Nutritional Deficiency“.

Your body is your number one radar.  It will start to ping when there is the slightest problem and all out alarm when things are getting critical, you just need to be in tune and responsive.  Listen to your inner self, seek an answer to what ills you (professionally or holistically, that is your personal choice) and, be well.

As always, stay Fabulous.