What are you doing today? 

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You Are So Beautiful! 

When is the last time you looked in the mirror and saw how truly beautiful you are?   I hope everyone replies, today!   Beauty takes many forms and I am not only talking about physical  beauty. There is mental beauty,  spiritual beauty and the beauty you share in the kind words you spread everyday.  My message is short today. When you wake up and any time you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or window,  remember to tell yourself how beautiful you are. We can be our own worst critics but,  we can also be our own best friend.  Stay fabulous and continue to have an awesome and amazingly beautiful day. 😘

New Year’s Resolution Progress

Okay fabulous people it is April 2017. I know 99% of you made resolutions on New Year’s. You are now 1/3 into the New Year,  comment your progress below.  With that said,  what is a New Year’s resolution. My definition,  it’s that moment in life when you sit down and reflect on all the things in life you promise to yourself;  to do better,  make better and feel better.  (Big yawn),  okay how old are you? How many promises have you made to others that you kept?  Probably all if not most of them. Now mirror reflection time;  how many promises to yourself have you kept?   Okay you know the score. Today,  today, today, today!  You either reward yourself for a job well done or reorganize your priorities and be true to yourself. You made yourself a promise,  was it realistic,  was it do able?   Only you stop you from achieving all that you desire in life. Revisit your resolutions,  or as I like to call them, “lifestyle adjustments” and, begin again. Set realistic goals,  if you achieved your goals set new ones. But (and thats a big but,  lol)  never give up. Continue to grow,  challenge yourself and be the best you that there is.  Stay fabulous and know I believe in you even when you stop believing in yourself.  Happy 1/3 New Year’s!   😘 

Today is going to be a day unlike any other!

Today is going to be awesome,  the sun is out,  the breeze is crisp and refreshing, birds are singing,  lawnmowers are buzzing,  kids are laughing,  dogs are barking,  neighbors are talking, flowers are blooming,  WOW.   Get ready to feel energized and pumped.  Are you ready to take on the world? Because today is going to be a day unlike any other.  This day will only come once in a lifetime.  Today is a new day, it’s April 2nd 2017!  Yes,  so how are you going to make your day count?   Get out and be productive everyone and enjoy this awesome opportunity.  Live,  love and enjoy how fabulous you are.