Boho Pink

Boho Pink

Giamba short skirt
$235 –

Loro Piana boots
$530 –

Kate spade bag
$63 –

REMINISCENCE purple jewelry
$58 –

Sterling silver jewelry


The Great Pom Pom Coverup

The Great Pom Pom Coverup

Alice Olivia pom beanie
$105 –

Free People beret hat

Kate Spade beanie cap

Fur hat

Flat brim hat

Lilah Rose pompom hat
$32 –

Knit beanie

ASOS hat
$18 –

Capelli New York slouch hat
$15 –

Knit beanie

Bobble hat
$2.46 –

Make A True New Years Resolution


Let go and live! Let go and live! Let go and Live!!!

I can’t say it any other way.  So many people so many times complain about how they wish they had done this or that differently, or done anything at all. The greatest lesson learned in life is that you are the guide to your own destiny. Nobody can stop you from doing what you want, being who you want to be, or going where you want to go.  Only you can stop you.

I recently read an article written by a palliative nurse (“The Top Five Regrets of The Dying”).  She discussed the top five things that her clients verbalized regretting in there last days.  What I found sadly in common with all their comments was that they could have done all they wished at any time in their life if only they had let go and lived.   Don’t wait until your days are numbered, because that is knowledge we are not all privy too.  Live as if it’s your last, laugh until you cry, travel until you have nowhere left to go.

Sit down with yourself and revisit your dreams and desires. Create an itinerary for yourself and let go of your perceived limitations. Take a deep breath, hug yourself, smile, recite a positive affirmation, release your inhibitions and let go and live!!  Stay fabulous😘