Is It Time?

Are you a free spirit?

Have you always found the multitude of possibilities offered in life too tempting to allow you to be tied down to one location?  Exploring the world, traveling city to city and talking to everyone from everywhere.  What a fascinating and exciting time in one’s life. Yet as time passes, your relationships deepen and your family expands and the adventures and wonder that is so intoxicating before now seems less like a reality and more of a longing desire.

Is it time? How do you know when the right time has come to place a permanent foundation?  By no means does this indicate that adventures are over but, maybe they’ll need to be spaced out a lot more. Can a free spirit ever really be tied down or limited?  This is not about answers, thus answers or opinions have purposely been left out.  This is a reflection of questions.

When is it time?

Share your thoughts and stay fabulous.  😘